I have long suspected the figure of Aung San Suu Kyi, “champion of democracy” and one “iconic peace lovers’ world. Her husband is an Englishman and his educational background in elite UK universities plus his name is skyrocketing in the international community was the cause of my suspicions. Because the western mass media will never be “lifted” a person’s name so high, except with the “reward” or “objective” certain.

And my suspicion is proven by the attitude of silence the systematic slaughter that is now experienced Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. He tried to escape from the “moral obligation” to defend the Rohingya people, when asked to comment by the mass media about the fate of the Rohingya people, by pretending not to know the citizenship status of the Rohingya people. But this is precisely the impression hypocrisy because as a human rights defender mustinya he did not see the status of a person’s citizenship who were experiencing oppression. In addition to ignorance comment citizenship status Rohingya people also show a “folly”. Rohingya people, although coming from outside Myanmar, but it was hundreds of years of life in Myanmar Myanmar long before the country was formed.

And because of his hypocritical and stupid that Suu Kyi should be harvested criticism from around the world.

“Very disappointing, it was in a difficult position, but people are disappointed by his silence,” said Anna Roberts, head of NGO Burma Campaign UK-based.

“In this, he missed an opportunity to deliver commendable things,” said Brad Adams, director of Human Rights Watch Asia.

“Everything was exploding as he traveled around Europe, but not offensive (Rohingya issue) at all,” said Brad Adams alluded to visit Suu Kyi several European countries recently.

Suu Kyi also criticized the humanitarian activists for refusing to criticize the President of Myanmar Thein Sein, former general, who conducted the policy of “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya people. According to Thein Sein Rohingya people who number around 800,000 people had to be relocated to refugee camps before it was expelled to Bangladesh.

Political analysts believe Suu Kyi’s silence is due to political motivation. He is now a member of parliament and would run for president in the upcoming elections in 2015, did not want people left who are citizens of the majority Buddhist Myanmar by defending the Rohingya people.

Myanmar government refuses to recognize Rohingya citizenship of people and calling them illegal immigrants, although historical evidence suggests Rohingya people have lived in Myanmar since the 8th century BC. Those of mixed blood between the Persian, Turkish, Bengali, and Pathan.

According to the UN, the government’s discriminatory policy of making Myanmar Rohingya people displaced. The government limits their mobility and holding of land for them as well as social rights such as education and health.

Various reports say thousands of Rohingyas have become victims of the massacres committed by the Myanmar Buddhists government facilities. On June 28 last date 650 Rohingyas reportedly been killed. Figure out 1,200 people were missing and 80,000 Rohingya others displaced from their homes.

“Myanmar’s Suu Kyi under fire for silence on Rohingya massacre”; Press TV: July 27, 2012



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Intensive discussion in the media and independent blogs about terrorist attacks planned and carried out solely by the authorities (false flag) in the London Olympics may have made an evil plan was canceled. To what do the “surprise attack” if the plan is already known.

Then the army was deployed to help deal with the security plan Olmpiade performed entirely by the Israeli security services company, G4S. Including by installing anti-missile missile air strikes at some point the city of London and warships on the River Thames.

But most likely, the attack “false flag” will no longer occur in different forms and places, because the momentum is already extremely urgent. And when that happens, we already know, the culprit is “the world powers behind the scenes” which is a Cabalist Jews (Satan worshipers) who believe in their destiny as the ruler of the world through global destruction. In addition to the “nubuwat” which they believed, they also take into account the socio-political factors, namely the awareness of the global community today — thanks to the internet, about the existence and their evil agendas. As socio-political conditions of Europe post-exposure of the document “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” in 1905 which is very anti-Semitism that threatens the existence of “ruling the world behind the scenes”, the world must be busy with disaster and war.
As recognition of “whistleblower” of the company G4S posted on the independent media, Ben Fellows (the name is a Jew), he received information from people in G4S that “will be a defining moment in the history of London”. At first he considered the “moment” that occurred during the London Olympics. But then he got the additional information that moment “occurred after the Olympics in the irrational”.

Kebin Boyle, manager of the famous bloggers blog “No One To Vote For” in his article of July 18th to make the analysis of “conspiracy theory” is interesting about the possibility of attack “false flag” that would be the defining moment of mankind. But before discussing it any further I want to say that among the “truth seekers” and “global conspirators / global power behind the scenes” there has been a sort of “race”. At the time of the “truth seekers” working to solve the signs of a conspiracy, the conspirators would purposely leaked global bit by bit just for “fun” and said “you caught me chase”. Just take a look at the London Olympics logo in the form of letters “ZION” and the mascot in the form of “one-eyed creature”, “all seing eye”, “god RHA” or in Islam synonymous with the term “Antichrist”.

And when the world is already at the finish, the “global conspirators” knowingly divulge their secrets, once again as a mockery, and to create mass confusion. Because I would soon everything will be “bleached”. The signs of the various forms of deliberate leaking them secret conspiracy by Dan Brown who wrote the novels “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demos”, or through Alex Jones is a lot of unpacking konspirari secret organizations such as the “Bilderberger Group” .

Other signs include items owned by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”. This document predicts the decade 2010-2020
as the “decade of collapse” because of the many terrorist attacks, natural disasters, social unrest to economic ruin. The document even predict in detail, including:
A. Terrorist attacks on the London Olympics, which killed 13,000 people.
2. Indonesia’s earthquake that killed 40,000 people.
3. The devastating tsunami in Nicaragua.
4. Drought and famine that hit western China.

In addition to terrorist attacks, nearly all natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, drought, rain and storm, it could be engineered humans thanks to a technology called HAARP, or even with a nuclear explosion.

Despite looking like a fiction, the “truth seekers” realize that “global conspirators” deliberately using the symbols in the form of drawings and figures are given as to their language
each other “to communicate with sasamanya”, or make ordinary people confused. For example if we see a symbol of “Star of David” in a big agency, though somewhat disguised, it means that agencies
has been controlled by “global conspirators”.

Similarly, the number 13, referring to numbers in document 13 000 Rockefeller Foundation. Number 13 is one of the “sacred number” important for the “global conspirators” after the number 666 is referred to in the Bible. Based on the analysis of “sacred number” Kevin Boyle made it concluded “defining moment” that will soon happen is the date August 13, 2012. August 13, 2012 or 13/08/12 if the aggregated value written is 33. This figure is also another sacred number. 33 is the highest level of membership “global conspirators”.

But of course all of this possible new course. But if it happens at least we already know and do not stay silent for retaliation in kind. Bloggers themselves are also very curious to look forward to a time when people would hunt down the “global conspirators” as a further Rosulullah hadith reads as follows:

“There is no end before the Muslims fight the Jews until they were hiding behind trees and rocks. However, even the stones and trees will also hostile to the Jewish people.”

“13th August London Olympics”; Kevin Boyle; No One To Vote For: July 18, 2012


Israel is a military state in the true sense. Founded by the war and still in a state of war until now, making Israel the people familiar with military culture. By Israel for the civilian population living in the occupied territories, the weapon is their daily lives. Not only a pistol as a safety device, but also NATO standard rifle. And the foundation of a military culture that is discipline.

But the military culture that began to fade in Israel and a sign of the destruction of Israel. If discipline is not there anymore in the Israeli military, what else can they be expected to survive? While their enemies such as Hizbollah, Hamas and Iran now in fact have the troops are very professional and highly disciplined.

As well-known online media reportedly Israel, “Ynet”, 16 July, the Israeli military had keguncangan by a handful of personnel disciplinary action when a group of soldiers gang up a commanding officer simply because of a trivial problem. An air squadron commander at Ramat David Airbase air base (during this pilot, let alone a squadron commander, considered to be at the highest caste in the world of the Israeli military) rank of Major, was attacked near his home inside the air base complex, the three soldiers technique . Because of garanya is due to the Major’s third rebuke for reckless driving in the complex air base, a serious offense in the military.
Initially the three soldiers were only threatened the mayor in front of his family. But then they attacked him with sticks of wood to the major collapse.

According to the report “Ynet” incident to military leaders of Israel “shock”. “Nobody dared to imagine that the soldiers beat a senior officer,” he wrote.

Semetara according to the report “Global Times” event is a follow-up of senior officials’ complaints about the attitude of Israel’s air force did not discipline the soldiers, especially those from poor economic backgrounds.

The incident adds to a bad picture of Israeli society after shocking event occurs when a protester set fire to himself in a rally demanding social improvements in Tel Aviv recently.

Israel seems to be at the center stage of disintegration. Action of self-immolation and the beatings of the soldiers to senior officers is a real sign of Israel began to collapse as a country, culture and ideology. Palestine is not Israel’s enemies or the destruction of Israel but of Israel itself. Is idologi supremacism and chauvinism inherent in the culture and philosophy of Israel that can not be retained by the people of Israel itself, especially for indigenous people of Palestine.

“The disintegration of the Jewish State has Begun”; Gilad Atzmon;; July 17, 2012



It is a mockery to those who claim to be “mujahideen” but in fact it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing of the terrorists, who kill innocent people in places that are not supposed to. In the land of Palestine, the place where the brethren colonized and expelled from his homeland, the holy places being harassed every day, that’s where you should wage jihad (war). Not in Syria, Libya, especially in Indonesia. Or if you need to strive in the holy land to expel infidel soldiers who were there, who had been expelled Rosulullah harassing people musrik and infidels from the holy land 14 centuries ago.

An old picture taken by Zeppelin aircraft of the 1930s have proved that when Israel occupied Al-Quds (Jerusalem) in 1967 (after the Arab armies dastardly Jordan resigned from the battlefield), they have destroyed an ancient mosque that was established at the time Saladdin al Ayyubi and located not far from Al Aqsa Mosque.

The destruction of the mosque “Sheikh Eid” is a part of the policy of destruction of the mosques in the land of Palestine by the Israeli occupation. And this issue back into the spotlight after the emergence of acts of vandalism by Jewish people lately in various places on the ground both in Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

Following the burning of a mosque in Ramallah by the Israelis two weeks ago, Dan Halutz, former Israel kastaf AB openly admitted that the Israeli government did not want to take legal action against acts of vandalism against mosques in Palestine.

“If we want to catch the perpetrators would have been destruction,” he told Israel army radio.

The issue of the destruction of mosques “Sheikh Eid” is now a debate among experts Israel and Palestine. Israel insists the mosque is of course no longer exists when they occupied Al Quds, although the evidence suggests otherwise.

Before the discovery of an old photograph of the above, this year, construction on the former location of where the mosque is located, has sparked concerns of archaeologists because they are destroying ancient relics that are under the mosque, including the tomb of Sheikh Eid along with the bones, the great scholars who lived in the mosque.

Mosque “Sheikh Eid” complexes located next to the holy Haram al-Sharif al-Aqsa Mosque where the establishment, and also adjacent to the Wailing Wall, the holiest of the Jewish people. After the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel in 1967 (if only to defend Jerusalem when it was Hizbollah fighters, would be another story) Israel effectively became ruler of the Aqsa Mosque by the people of Israel be standing right on top of the temple of Solomon, the most holy place Jews that the Romans destroyed in 70 AD.

From year to year appear samakin demands great among the Jews to worship at the Haram al-Sharif compound. Some extreme religious groups threatened to blow up the Al Aqsa Mosque and build a Jewish temple on it. In 2000 Ariel Sharon Zionist leader who was then a leader of the opposition even provocative act by entering the Al Aqsa compound to trigger a movement of Intifada II.

Now the former mosque complex “Sheikh Eid” is being built a shelter for Jews ziarawan. Development that is part of an Israeli plan to expand the place of worship for Jews ziarawan triggering tensions with the Muslim Palestinian people because it inevitably construction mengerus holy places of Islam. Developments, of course, contrary to international law which considers Jerusalem is an occupied land should be returned to the Palestinians.

Benjamin Kedar, deputy chairman of the Israel National Academy of Sciences, the inventor of the ancient mosque photos “Sheikh Eid” in German archives center called Israel’s treatment of the mosque as a “crime archeology”. Under cover of darkness, Israel sent bolduzer-bolduzer to get rid of 1,000 Palestinians living in the former mosque complex so that the construction of Jewish pilgrimage site can be done.
Mosque “Sheikh Eid” was founded by Malik al-Afdil, one of the sons of the conqueror Saladdin al Ayyubi Crusaders, is one of three historic relics remaining Shaladdin era. Location and holiness written in a historical document of the 15th century. After the funeral of Sheikh Eid in the 17th century mosque in the compound, where it became one of the major pilgrimage site for Muslims.

This mosque, as the entire region surrounding Mughrabi destroyed by Israel shortly after their occupation of Jerusalem in 1967. Plaza and shelter Jewish pilgrims who now occupies the former location of the mosque is now the center of the development of the Jews in the old town of Jerusalem, undermining the places owned by Muslims and Christians, and carried out by armed Jewish settlers protected by Israeli security forces.

The destruction of the mosque “Sheikh Eid” echo conflicts over the development plan “Museum of Tolerance” by Simon Wiesenthal Centre (based at the United Jewish Foundation of vigorous campaigning for tolerance to the Zionist movement worldwide, including Indonesia among intellectuals). This museum will be built on an ancient Muslim cemetery in the Mamilla, Jerusalem, in which there are believed to be the tomb of a friend Rosulullah.

Israeli media reported in 2008 that more than 100 bones have been unloaded at the site should not be built museum. But the development is hampered due to the emergence of global financial crisis.

While sensitive to violations of this making headlines, various violations of freedom of worship for Muslims 1.3 million Palestinians living in occupied territories, escaped the attention of the mass media. Violations of course, is the largest seizure of the property rights of the Palestinian people by Israel. Waqaf lands inherited over generations by the people of Islam for purposes of worship, schools, hospitals, places of burial, to the market, being one of the main target of the Jewish people to be seized.

Since the establishment of the state of Israel on Palestinian soil in 1948, all land waqaf covering 10% of the area of ​​Jerusalem seized by the government of Israel, together with 750,000 residents of property owned by Palestinians who were expelled and became refugees in neighboring countries.

Now there’s only mosque in 120 cities and villages of Palestinian lives, with strict control of Israel, including the Al Aqsa. Israel has the right to completely control-board pay raise and mosque officials, including overseeing the entire congregation. Israel seized all the property of Palestinians living in 500 villages, including mosques and churches. In cities that are now predominantly Jews, like Tel Aviv, mosques and Muslim tombs were no longer visible.

Many of the Palestinian mosques are converted into bars, nightclubs, museums, shops, warehouses up to the synagogue. One incident of violence occurred in the 1950s when the cemetery Abdul Prophet converted into a five star hotel Israel and Jewish settlements. The mosques are still standing and now abandoned slum areas.

Nothing more can be expected for Israel to protect the holy places of Muslims, especially after the 1978 Law Antiquities Act provides no protection at all against Islamic holy places built after the year 1700. Even the mosques are more ancient prohibition was sometimes a place to visit because beada in a military zone Israel, including the beautiful mosque Ghabisiya. While Hittin mosque built in 1187 Sultan Saladdin near the sea of ​​Galilee is now in ruins. Palestinians who live nearby forbidden to fix it.

Ironically, the Israeli government is now conducting a campaign program “rescue ancient mosques”, a campaign ostensibly because it more and more mosques are destroyed without a mosque was successfully restored. When the Palestinian people to rebuild their destroyed mosque in a village in Sarafand, the mosque was destroyed again by Israel overnight without explanation.

Even when the defense of their sacred places of the Muslims had won the lawsuit, it would have no impact on the field. Last year Israel’s Supreme Court ordered the government to make the city of Beersheba Mosque which has been renovated as a museum of Islam, not a museum of general local government desired. But the government did not respond. They held exhibitions releven not with Islam, including beer and wine festival.

Suppression of the rights of Muslims to worship is likely to increase in future in Israel. Last year PM Netanyahu issued a ban on mosques using the speakers for the call to prayer. Beersheba city government refused to provide a place of worship in this town of 1,000 families were Muslim, and every day hundreds of people visited the Arab Bedouin in the Negev desert. In 2007, Palestinians in Jaffa, Tel Aviv suburb inhabited by Arabs and Jews, failing to file a petition to investigate the existence of the lands waqaf after local authorities refused on the grounds: “Israel will harm international relations”, the very reason not relevant.

In 2009, after five years of the struggle of the Muslims of Israel, Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition demanding the recognition of the protection of holy places of Islam in the Holy Places Protection Act which was enacted in 1967. But despite claiming the holy places of Islam are in a state of “pathetic” Supreme Court rejected the petition on the grounds are too sensitive. The next Supreme Court ordered the government to do the rehabilitation program of Islamic holy places and the government of Israel answered with a program valued at $ 500,000, the value of which is considered as “pathetic”.


“Eradication of Israeli History: Disappearing Mosques”; Jonathan Cook, Al Akbar: July 9, 2012

Since news of the divorce to her husband Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise sticking, Scientology started a lot of sound in our ears. As you well know, this couple is the Scientology religion, even a lot of news circulating Tom if she sued for divorce because of that belief.

So, what exactly Scientology is it exactly? Scientology is a collection of teachings and related techniques developed by an American author, L. Ron Hubbard for 30 years, beginning in 1952 as a self-help philosophy. As a religion called the Chruch of Scientology.

Even so-called ‘Chruch’, but this is very different from religion to religion / church has left. Scientology says that the highest human spiritual race is Thetan. While the Operating Thetan (OT) is someone who is enlightened and resembles Allah (God-like). Birth Thetan Scientology aims to obtain the freedom of total (total freedom).

Scientology called a religion that is quite expensive for adopted. Every aspect of Scientology has a cost associated with it. That is why, many believers are rich. Religion is quite strict and punishes its followers who tried to leave teaching.

According to Hubbard himself, religion is perfect for celebrities who want privacy. It could even be used to influence lifestyle. Therefore, religion is not only suitable for the celebrities but also for people who want to become celebrities. Scientology also conducts courses to achieve these goals. The cost is quite expensive, $ 1000/jam. Once successful, they are required to make donations to the organization in large numbers. They also held a recruiting celebrities to commission 10%.

Many have said that if Scientology is a misleading doctrine. In fact, some judge if Scientology is a religion under the guise of transnational corporations in order to get special treatment. Scientology was certainly different than Christianity.

Although many who oppose this doctrine, but noted that many celebrities embraced it. Call it John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Kirstie Alley, Catherine Bell, Nancy Cartwright, Beck, Jason Lee, Edgar Winter, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Anne Archer, Lisa Marie Presley, Julia Migenes, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Al Jarreau, Chick Corea, Nicole Kidman, Oliver Stone, Rock Hudson and many more.

With the support of many of the world’s top celebrities and a huge funding, no wonder that this doctrine produces hundreds of leaders who influence opinion and lifestyle. But disablement of religious persecution and efforts are also ongoing. Will the Church of Scientology continues to evolve or be paralyzed?

from various sources.

Pacifik Ocean is a region of abundant natural resources, the region is divided in several countries and regions are vulnerable to friction between a country to country. The cause of the vulnerability of friction due to the border area countries in the Pacifik Ocean is not final until now. As a result, many countries claim the region is a territory of that other country, so that countries that claim territory in annoyed and finally neighboring state relationships become strained. United Nations in this matter has not been handled properly. So that could lead to disputes and lead to war.

Issues related to the Pacific Ocean are also large countries like China and the United States. China feels most areas of the Pacific Ocean is the region of the country, while the United States who feel the police are not happy in a world of China which claims the actions of other countries. Therefore, the United States provides aid to countries that are experiencing problems with the diplomatic china. Help the United States in the form of combat equipment, joint war exercises, and relief in the purchase of combat equipment. The United States also add to the fleet at the military base in the Pacific Ocean and also in the Indian Ocean adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. With the addition of the United States fleet in the Pacific Ocean began to feel disturbed china, and china to send additional ships to destroyer patrolling the Pacific Ocean region is a dispute over several countries.

China action, to prove that China is serious about border issues in the Pacific Ocean region precisely in the south china sea areas in the countries in dispute with him in the region. China does not feel shy to spit bullets and rocket ships to be entered into the territory. In the news media in the world, reported that China fired several fishing boats neighboring countries. But in reality, china government denied the reports. We certainly know about how the western media reported an incident with excessive and inconsistent with the facts. Because the media is in use as a propaganda tool of western governments led by the United States.

The United States is afraid of losing influence in the Asia Pacific region, and the enemy of the United States in the Asia Pacific is China that now sekonomi and military developments very advanced. Even China’s military budget is almost beyond the United States military budget. So that the United States is afraid of losing influence in the countries in the region. And the United States lobbied the countries that joined in the asean to build military bases in the region. But most of the countries in asean is rejected. But Australia is not an asean member countries to give permission to the United States to build military bases on the island of Cocos adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Australia acts to grant permission to the United States is considered by countries including non-asean asean countries like China can destroy stability in the Asia Pacific region.

And we see what the future strategy will be in use by China, the United States, and asean countries whose territory is located in asia pacific. Hopefully the problem does not lead to border wars.


Currently most of the world is experiencing economic crisis, especially in Western Europe. While in the middle east to Africa today is the political turmoil that is very hot. At the start of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, until this starts to happen in Syria.

Syria in the midst of civil war between supporters of President Bashar Assad to the opposition parties who want President Bashar Assad to step down from his post as president. President Bashar Assad has the support of the iran, russia, china, and lebanon. While the opposition has the support of the United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Therefore, the diplomatic relations between the United States with Russia at this time heats up. The more warming is not just because of Syria alone, but because the United States was eager to attack iran. Of course the response to the intention of the United States, Russia and China said it would defend Iran if Iran is attacked by the United States.

The United States has been adding troops on military bases are located in the middle east. Movement of the United States continues to increase its forces are always supervised by iran, russia, and china who feel threatened if the United States to add troops in the Middle East. Due to the addition of troops and combat equipment the United States is triggering the unrest in the Middle East. The United States also helped to provide arms to the countries of the Middle East that support the efforts of the United States in the middle east. Most of the countries in the Middle East region which supports the existence of military bases and the movements of the United States in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries. Therefore, Iran condemned the Arab countries are judged as a slave to the United States.

Iran, Russia, and China is still facing the movement of the United States in the Middle East, these countries more incentive to improve its military capability by holding joint war exercises and military cooperation with the way in the field of combat equipment. Iran military who are now more advanced, because their scientists have been given the facility to build a sophisticated combat equipment such as missiles, rockets, aircraft, tanks, warships, and other combat equipment. Iran to develop its combat equipment supported by the Russian and china. Due to the iran russia and china looked at as a country that courageous fight against the hegemony of the United States in the middle east region.

Israel as an ally of the United States contributed to the movement of the United States in the middle east to perform logistical support to troops in the United States military base located in the middle east region. Israel fully supports the movement of the United States in the middle east because they feel threatened by Iran which has advanced its military strength. Israel feels insecure because Iran has threatened to attack Israel with ballistic missiles. So Israel is very concerned with headed his Iranian ballistic missiles to the country. Given the threat of arming Israel with missiles adding patriot who will drive if iran iran missile attack by ballistic missiles.

Given the tensions in the Middle East, the conflict could trigger a very large, giving rise to a third world war. Hopefully in the middle east conflict berkhir soon, so it does not trigger a world war again.