Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

For most of human talent is the capacity of a person in performing tasks, which have very little influence or depending on the exercise.

But is it possible without a regular practice we become experts in a field? Hmm,,, it was not possible. For those who can not do something in one area, would be able and expert if he is doing the exercises regularly.

If that person can not do something in a field when he was working hard to train, there is a lack of exercise or of his desire to be. Surely if he tried harder and harder, then it is possible that person could be and maybe even become an expert in a field.

In the Islamic world there is a term man wa jadda jadda which means “he who will definitely try to get it”.

So at the core of my writing this is that we as humans have in mind do not provide reasonable and easy to despair and fear in the face of a job or something that we can not do. Because if we’re used to doing something that we can not do, as time passes it is possible we may even be able to become an expert.

And I also do it, I’m not used to writing in the English language. But I have no desire to be able to do it, so my blog is all my writing using the English language.¬†Hopefully I have a flair for writing, so I thought I could contribute little to the wider community. And hopefully one day I thought would be useful to society if I do have the skills to think and write.

Sorry if my writing could not satisfy the reader, because I am still a beginner in this field, I hope my writing is useful for all readers. Amiiiiin,,,,


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