Posted: July 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Currently most of the world is experiencing economic crisis, especially in Western Europe. While in the middle east to Africa today is the political turmoil that is very hot. At the start of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, until this starts to happen in Syria.

Syria in the midst of civil war between supporters of President Bashar Assad to the opposition parties who want President Bashar Assad to step down from his post as president. President Bashar Assad has the support of the iran, russia, china, and lebanon. While the opposition has the support of the United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Therefore, the diplomatic relations between the United States with Russia at this time heats up. The more warming is not just because of Syria alone, but because the United States was eager to attack iran. Of course the response to the intention of the United States, Russia and China said it would defend Iran if Iran is attacked by the United States.

The United States has been adding troops on military bases are located in the middle east. Movement of the United States continues to increase its forces are always supervised by iran, russia, and china who feel threatened if the United States to add troops in the Middle East. Due to the addition of troops and combat equipment the United States is triggering the unrest in the Middle East. The United States also helped to provide arms to the countries of the Middle East that support the efforts of the United States in the middle east. Most of the countries in the Middle East region which supports the existence of military bases and the movements of the United States in the Middle East is Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries. Therefore, Iran condemned the Arab countries are judged as a slave to the United States.

Iran, Russia, and China is still facing the movement of the United States in the Middle East, these countries more incentive to improve its military capability by holding joint war exercises and military cooperation with the way in the field of combat equipment. Iran military who are now more advanced, because their scientists have been given the facility to build a sophisticated combat equipment such as missiles, rockets, aircraft, tanks, warships, and other combat equipment. Iran to develop its combat equipment supported by the Russian and china. Due to the iran russia and china looked at as a country that courageous fight against the hegemony of the United States in the middle east region.

Israel as an ally of the United States contributed to the movement of the United States in the middle east to perform logistical support to troops in the United States military base located in the middle east region. Israel fully supports the movement of the United States in the middle east because they feel threatened by Iran which has advanced its military strength. Israel feels insecure because Iran has threatened to attack Israel with ballistic missiles. So Israel is very concerned with headed his Iranian ballistic missiles to the country. Given the threat of arming Israel with missiles adding patriot who will drive if iran iran missile attack by ballistic missiles.

Given the tensions in the Middle East, the conflict could trigger a very large, giving rise to a third world war. Hopefully in the middle east conflict berkhir soon, so it does not trigger a world war again.



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