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Pacifik Ocean is a region of abundant natural resources, the region is divided in several countries and regions are vulnerable to friction between a country to country. The cause of the vulnerability of friction due to the border area countries in the Pacifik Ocean is not final until now. As a result, many countries claim the region is a territory of that other country, so that countries that claim territory in annoyed and finally neighboring state relationships become strained. United Nations in this matter has not been handled properly. So that could lead to disputes and lead to war.

Issues related to the Pacific Ocean are also large countries like China and the United States. China feels most areas of the Pacific Ocean is the region of the country, while the United States who feel the police are not happy in a world of China which claims the actions of other countries. Therefore, the United States provides aid to countries that are experiencing problems with the diplomatic china. Help the United States in the form of combat equipment, joint war exercises, and relief in the purchase of combat equipment. The United States also add to the fleet at the military base in the Pacific Ocean and also in the Indian Ocean adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. With the addition of the United States fleet in the Pacific Ocean began to feel disturbed china, and china to send additional ships to destroyer patrolling the Pacific Ocean region is a dispute over several countries.

China action, to prove that China is serious about border issues in the Pacific Ocean region precisely in the south china sea areas in the countries in dispute with him in the region. China does not feel shy to spit bullets and rocket ships to be entered into the territory. In the news media in the world, reported that China fired several fishing boats neighboring countries. But in reality, china government denied the reports. We certainly know about how the western media reported an incident with excessive and inconsistent with the facts. Because the media is in use as a propaganda tool of western governments led by the United States.

The United States is afraid of losing influence in the Asia Pacific region, and the enemy of the United States in the Asia Pacific is China that now sekonomi and military developments very advanced. Even China’s military budget is almost beyond the United States military budget. So that the United States is afraid of losing influence in the countries in the region. And the United States lobbied the countries that joined in the asean to build military bases in the region. But most of the countries in asean is rejected. But Australia is not an asean member countries to give permission to the United States to build military bases on the island of Cocos adjacent to the Pacific Ocean. Australia acts to grant permission to the United States is considered by countries including non-asean asean countries like China can destroy stability in the Asia Pacific region.

And we see what the future strategy will be in use by China, the United States, and asean countries whose territory is located in asia pacific. Hopefully the problem does not lead to border wars.



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