Scientology, The Popular Religion Among Celebrities In The World

Posted: July 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since news of the divorce to her husband Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise sticking, Scientology started a lot of sound in our ears. As you well know, this couple is the Scientology religion, even a lot of news circulating Tom if she sued for divorce because of that belief.

So, what exactly Scientology is it exactly? Scientology is a collection of teachings and related techniques developed by an American author, L. Ron Hubbard for 30 years, beginning in 1952 as a self-help philosophy. As a religion called the Chruch of Scientology.

Even so-called ‘Chruch’, but this is very different from religion to religion / church has left. Scientology says that the highest human spiritual race is Thetan. While the Operating Thetan (OT) is someone who is enlightened and resembles Allah (God-like). Birth Thetan Scientology aims to obtain the freedom of total (total freedom).

Scientology called a religion that is quite expensive for adopted. Every aspect of Scientology has a cost associated with it. That is why, many believers are rich. Religion is quite strict and punishes its followers who tried to leave teaching.

According to Hubbard himself, religion is perfect for celebrities who want privacy. It could even be used to influence lifestyle. Therefore, religion is not only suitable for the celebrities but also for people who want to become celebrities. Scientology also conducts courses to achieve these goals. The cost is quite expensive, $ 1000/jam. Once successful, they are required to make donations to the organization in large numbers. They also held a recruiting celebrities to commission 10%.

Many have said that if Scientology is a misleading doctrine. In fact, some judge if Scientology is a religion under the guise of transnational corporations in order to get special treatment. Scientology was certainly different than Christianity.

Although many who oppose this doctrine, but noted that many celebrities embraced it. Call it John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Kirstie Alley, Catherine Bell, Nancy Cartwright, Beck, Jason Lee, Edgar Winter, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Anne Archer, Lisa Marie Presley, Julia Migenes, Demi Moore, Sharon Stone, Al Jarreau, Chick Corea, Nicole Kidman, Oliver Stone, Rock Hudson and many more.

With the support of many of the world’s top celebrities and a huge funding, no wonder that this doctrine produces hundreds of leaders who influence opinion and lifestyle. But disablement of religious persecution and efforts are also ongoing. Will the Church of Scientology continues to evolve or be paralyzed?

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