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Israel is a military state in the true sense. Founded by the war and still in a state of war until now, making Israel the people familiar with military culture. By Israel for the civilian population living in the occupied territories, the weapon is their daily lives. Not only a pistol as a safety device, but also NATO standard rifle. And the foundation of a military culture that is discipline.

But the military culture that began to fade in Israel and a sign of the destruction of Israel. If discipline is not there anymore in the Israeli military, what else can they be expected to survive? While their enemies such as Hizbollah, Hamas and Iran now in fact have the troops are very professional and highly disciplined.

As well-known online media reportedly Israel, “Ynet”, 16 July, the Israeli military had keguncangan by a handful of personnel disciplinary action when a group of soldiers gang up a commanding officer simply because of a trivial problem. An air squadron commander at Ramat David Airbase air base (during this pilot, let alone a squadron commander, considered to be at the highest caste in the world of the Israeli military) rank of Major, was attacked near his home inside the air base complex, the three soldiers technique . Because of garanya is due to the Major’s third rebuke for reckless driving in the complex air base, a serious offense in the military.
Initially the three soldiers were only threatened the mayor in front of his family. But then they attacked him with sticks of wood to the major collapse.

According to the report “Ynet” incident to military leaders of Israel “shock”. “Nobody dared to imagine that the soldiers beat a senior officer,” he wrote.

Semetara according to the report “Global Times” event is a follow-up of senior officials’ complaints about the attitude of Israel’s air force did not discipline the soldiers, especially those from poor economic backgrounds.

The incident adds to a bad picture of Israeli society after shocking event occurs when a protester set fire to himself in a rally demanding social improvements in Tel Aviv recently.

Israel seems to be at the center stage of disintegration. Action of self-immolation and the beatings of the soldiers to senior officers is a real sign of Israel began to collapse as a country, culture and ideology. Palestine is not Israel’s enemies or the destruction of Israel but of Israel itself. Is idologi supremacism and chauvinism inherent in the culture and philosophy of Israel that can not be retained by the people of Israel itself, especially for indigenous people of Palestine.

“The disintegration of the Jewish State has Begun”; Gilad Atzmon;; July 17, 2012



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