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Intensive discussion in the media and independent blogs about terrorist attacks planned and carried out solely by the authorities (false flag) in the London Olympics may have made an evil plan was canceled. To what do the “surprise attack” if the plan is already known.

Then the army was deployed to help deal with the security plan Olmpiade performed entirely by the Israeli security services company, G4S. Including by installing anti-missile missile air strikes at some point the city of London and warships on the River Thames.

But most likely, the attack “false flag” will no longer occur in different forms and places, because the momentum is already extremely urgent. And when that happens, we already know, the culprit is “the world powers behind the scenes” which is a Cabalist Jews (Satan worshipers) who believe in their destiny as the ruler of the world through global destruction. In addition to the “nubuwat” which they believed, they also take into account the socio-political factors, namely the awareness of the global community today — thanks to the internet, about the existence and their evil agendas. As socio-political conditions of Europe post-exposure of the document “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” in 1905 which is very anti-Semitism that threatens the existence of “ruling the world behind the scenes”, the world must be busy with disaster and war.
As recognition of “whistleblower” of the company G4S posted on the independent media, Ben Fellows (the name is a Jew), he received information from people in G4S that “will be a defining moment in the history of London”. At first he considered the “moment” that occurred during the London Olympics. But then he got the additional information that moment “occurred after the Olympics in the irrational”.

Kebin Boyle, manager of the famous bloggers blog “No One To Vote For” in his article of July 18th to make the analysis of “conspiracy theory” is interesting about the possibility of attack “false flag” that would be the defining moment of mankind. But before discussing it any further I want to say that among the “truth seekers” and “global conspirators / global power behind the scenes” there has been a sort of “race”. At the time of the “truth seekers” working to solve the signs of a conspiracy, the conspirators would purposely leaked global bit by bit just for “fun” and said “you caught me chase”. Just take a look at the London Olympics logo in the form of letters “ZION” and the mascot in the form of “one-eyed creature”, “all seing eye”, “god RHA” or in Islam synonymous with the term “Antichrist”.

And when the world is already at the finish, the “global conspirators” knowingly divulge their secrets, once again as a mockery, and to create mass confusion. Because I would soon everything will be “bleached”. The signs of the various forms of deliberate leaking them secret conspiracy by Dan Brown who wrote the novels “The Da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demos”, or through Alex Jones is a lot of unpacking konspirari secret organizations such as the “Bilderberger Group” .

Other signs include items owned by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010, entitled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”. This document predicts the decade 2010-2020
as the “decade of collapse” because of the many terrorist attacks, natural disasters, social unrest to economic ruin. The document even predict in detail, including:
A. Terrorist attacks on the London Olympics, which killed 13,000 people.
2. Indonesia’s earthquake that killed 40,000 people.
3. The devastating tsunami in Nicaragua.
4. Drought and famine that hit western China.

In addition to terrorist attacks, nearly all natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, drought, rain and storm, it could be engineered humans thanks to a technology called HAARP, or even with a nuclear explosion.

Despite looking like a fiction, the “truth seekers” realize that “global conspirators” deliberately using the symbols in the form of drawings and figures are given as to their language
each other “to communicate with sasamanya”, or make ordinary people confused. For example if we see a symbol of “Star of David” in a big agency, though somewhat disguised, it means that agencies
has been controlled by “global conspirators”.

Similarly, the number 13, referring to numbers in document 13 000 Rockefeller Foundation. Number 13 is one of the “sacred number” important for the “global conspirators” after the number 666 is referred to in the Bible. Based on the analysis of “sacred number” Kevin Boyle made it concluded “defining moment” that will soon happen is the date August 13, 2012. August 13, 2012 or 13/08/12 if the aggregated value written is 33. This figure is also another sacred number. 33 is the highest level of membership “global conspirators”.

But of course all of this possible new course. But if it happens at least we already know and do not stay silent for retaliation in kind. Bloggers themselves are also very curious to look forward to a time when people would hunt down the “global conspirators” as a further Rosulullah hadith reads as follows:

“There is no end before the Muslims fight the Jews until they were hiding behind trees and rocks. However, even the stones and trees will also hostile to the Jewish people.”

“13th August London Olympics”; Kevin Boyle; No One To Vote For: July 18, 2012


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