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I have long suspected the figure of Aung San Suu Kyi, “champion of democracy” and one “iconic peace lovers’ world. Her husband is an Englishman and his educational background in elite UK universities plus his name is skyrocketing in the international community was the cause of my suspicions. Because the western mass media will never be “lifted” a person’s name so high, except with the “reward” or “objective” certain.

And my suspicion is proven by the attitude of silence the systematic slaughter that is now experienced Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. He tried to escape from the “moral obligation” to defend the Rohingya people, when asked to comment by the mass media about the fate of the Rohingya people, by pretending not to know the citizenship status of the Rohingya people. But this is precisely the impression hypocrisy because as a human rights defender mustinya he did not see the status of a person’s citizenship who were experiencing oppression. In addition to ignorance comment citizenship status Rohingya people also show a “folly”. Rohingya people, although coming from outside Myanmar, but it was hundreds of years of life in Myanmar Myanmar long before the country was formed.

And because of his hypocritical and stupid that Suu Kyi should be harvested criticism from around the world.

“Very disappointing, it was in a difficult position, but people are disappointed by his silence,” said Anna Roberts, head of NGO Burma Campaign UK-based.

“In this, he missed an opportunity to deliver commendable things,” said Brad Adams, director of Human Rights Watch Asia.

“Everything was exploding as he traveled around Europe, but not offensive (Rohingya issue) at all,” said Brad Adams alluded to visit Suu Kyi several European countries recently.

Suu Kyi also criticized the humanitarian activists for refusing to criticize the President of Myanmar Thein Sein, former general, who conducted the policy of “ethnic cleansing” of the Rohingya people. According to Thein Sein Rohingya people who number around 800,000 people had to be relocated to refugee camps before it was expelled to Bangladesh.

Political analysts believe Suu Kyi’s silence is due to political motivation. He is now a member of parliament and would run for president in the upcoming elections in 2015, did not want people left who are citizens of the majority Buddhist Myanmar by defending the Rohingya people.

Myanmar government refuses to recognize Rohingya citizenship of people and calling them illegal immigrants, although historical evidence suggests Rohingya people have lived in Myanmar since the 8th century BC. Those of mixed blood between the Persian, Turkish, Bengali, and Pathan.

According to the UN, the government’s discriminatory policy of making Myanmar Rohingya people displaced. The government limits their mobility and holding of land for them as well as social rights such as education and health.

Various reports say thousands of Rohingyas have become victims of the massacres committed by the Myanmar Buddhists government facilities. On June 28 last date 650 Rohingyas reportedly been killed. Figure out 1,200 people were missing and 80,000 Rohingya others displaced from their homes.

“Myanmar’s Suu Kyi under fire for silence on Rohingya massacre”; Press TV: July 27, 2012


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